What's a Folk Camp?


Folk Camp is not a summer school for experts, it's a holiday for people who like to organise their own entertainment - whether it's a trip to the beach, a midnight walk, football, children's games, sight seeing or a ceilidh. It depends on what you want. You could play some tunes with others, sing a song, cook a meal or just eat an ice cream!

A typical day

On a typical day, after breakfast, there's a music session (for all abilities), perhaps a dance workshop and any other activities you or somebody else offers to organise. In the afternoon, you may decide to head to the beach, visit the area or arrange something with a few friends. It's up to you. In the evening there may be a game of football, some kids games and a ceilidh with a break for a bit of singing.

This video shows a typical day at one summer week...

Do I have to join in everything?

Nobody has to join in with anything. The whole idea of these holidays is to make our own entertainment, with the leader drawing on the interests and talents of the people there on the week.

So what else is there for me to avoid joining in with?

Many of the activities on these weeks happen because somebody has a good idea at the time. A hundred people on a river boat trip, a mass invasion of the nearest beach, an adventure walk for the under tens, an England versus France football match, giant puppets, yoga, madrigals, a lantern parade, jazz, limbo dancing, a picnic, a trip to the pub - all these have taken place not because the leader said so, but because somebody wanted to make it happen. If you want to share an activity with other people there will always be others to lend a hand.

But I don't know anybody

You will! You could go to a conventional campsite and meet nobody, you could go to a folk festival and find it all a bit too big, but a Folk Camp is small and friendly and you will meet all sorts of people (who also want to meet you!). Well, you'll be one of maybe 100 people ranging from nought to ninety. Young families, older families, teenagers, singles, couples, single parents, students, pensioners - a complete cross section of people who like having fun

Will I want to come again?

Very probably. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but most come back for more and then they start meeting those friends they made at another week last year.....it can become a way of life!

Activities Background


Folk Camps are run by a team of volunteer staff including a leader to get things moving, musicians to animate the music, a warden to take care of such things as the plumbing, and a caterer to look after the food supplies!

Staff receive training for their roles and safety and hygiene are paramount in everything we do.