Every evening there will be ceilidh dancing: an early family ceilidh and a late ceilidh. Dancing ranges from the very simple to the slightly difficult, and if you've got two left feet it could add to the fun. A caller will direct you through the different moves. If you haven’t done it before, there will be lots of people willing and able to help you. (Or you could decide to read a book instead).

There may be dance workshops in a variety of styles, depending on people’s interests. Typically, you could have sessions of Morris, Playford, Rapper or European dancing.

Music is led or organised by the camp musician, but other musicians are encouraged to join in. You can also try your hand at calling a dance or two!

For the real enthusiast, we run dancers’ workshop camps.

Of course dancers' camps also include the normal Folk Camp activities of music and song.

Live Music

Our popular musicians Jenny Newman and Andy Glass (with Steve Porritt on bass) playing live for dances at Spring Bank Holiday Folk Camps. You can hear how much the dancers enjoyed the music and energy from the sounds in the background...

Ska Polka
Ska Polka 2
Up Jumped The Devil

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