If you enjoy music you can expect plenty at folk camps, with opportunities to play and learn - whatever your musical background or ability.

At all camps you’ll be welcome to join music workshops led by our experienced volunteer musicians, in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Each musician brings their own individual style and range of musical influences. Many regularly teach music or play in bands, sessions or for dancing. You can expect to find a mix of traditional folk favourites with new tunes and arrangements from both the UK and further afield.

Each camp will be different, but typically you’ll find people bring a mix of traditional folk instruments like fiddles, recorders, guitar, melodeon, accordion, and anything from brass to percussion – all are welcome! As well as regular workshops, you’ll often find ad hoc musical groups emerge at camp from ukulele sessions to rock music and wind bands. For week long camps, you can expect to enjoy a performance by workshop groups as part of a celebration on the last night!

For those wanting to play more music, you can join the band for playing for the evening dancing, perform in the evening or play for dancing such as Morris – and you might also enjoy our annual music focused weekend.

If you don’t play a musical instrument, you are always welcome to listen. By the end of the camp you’ll more than likely be humming along to tunes and may even feel inspired to learn an instrument so you too can join a workshop next year!

Our Musicians

We are fortunate to have the services of many excellent musicians as volunteer staff.

Click here to listen to some folk camper musicians & bands

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Workshop Camps

We are always on the lookout for musicians to become staff members, so if you think you might be interested, please get in touch.