What people say about Folk Camps

"I wouldn't hesitate in recommending folk camps to anyone"

"Thanks for a brilliant musicians weekend at Beckford: great music, and a cream tea: what more could I want?"

"Had good fun at Folk Camps, met some lovely people, learnt some good tunes and techniques (that hopefully haven't gone in one ear and out the other!) and stayed cozy and dry in my tent !"

"Thanks to everyone involved for a great session weekend at Miserden."

"We had a fabulous weekend at Loxwood. Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome on our first camp."

"I couldn't live without my regular fix of folk camps!"

"I've made so many good friends through going to folk camp"

"Great marquee camp! Great music, great fun!"

"Another cracking camp!!!! Looking forward to next year already"

"First time at Folk Camp. Should have done it years ago. The week has flown by. Wonderful, Can't wait until the next season. Thank you every one."

"It's been fantastic, we really enjoyed it, and we'll continue to come again."

"My first time at a Folk Camp, I thoroughly enjoyed my time, so much that I am staying another week! Goes without saying that the food was great! Hopefully we'll come back next year!"

"A good holiday at a very happy camp. Catering superb"

"Another most enjoyable camp, with a pleasant friendly relaxed atmosphere"

"Thank you for a very enjoyable week. Everything ran very smoothly, a sure proof of a very competent organisation"

"It is difficult to imagine there is a better way to spend a summer holiday"

"I will come again because: "ITS A DREAM COME TRUE. At 64 I managed for the first time to play in a music work shop thanks to Alistair Gavin (the camp musician)"

"It's a wonderful unique family holiday. We all have a fantastic time"

"Fun and safe for kids"

"great place to learn music"

"always amazed at how well and how quickly a camp becomes a community"

"this week was perfect"

"there's a good balance between keeping the kids safe and allowing them to cope with a certain amount of risk"

"it's the perfect place for adults and kids to have a great holiday, and a great place to meet lovely people"

"Fun. Look forward to it all year"

"it's amazing"

"I can't imagine a summer without one"

"First time Folk Camper: what exceeded your expectations? "Most things. People, dancing, entertainment...I enjoyed the whole experience""

"I'll come again because of the sense of shared experience"

"I love it, the people really make the camp. People go above and beyond"

"I come because of the family spirit and enjoyment of music, even though I only play music once a year"

"It's a great place for teenagers to grow up"

"Folk Camps like this are an experience you may never have. It's like belonging to a big family who care for you"

"Good value. Great variety, meet lots of people who become friends, different venues each year"

"I meet my friends here and it's fun - I particularly like the dancing as I'm usually playing in the band and don't get to dance much"

"It is such a friendly stimulating environment"

"I'll come again because I made good new friends, I liked the ethos: sharing and making own entertainment"

"What exceeded your expectations? "Most of it - friendliness especially. I was very unsure about coming, but it has worked out well""

"I'll come again because it is awesome and I always have a great time with wonderful people"

"I'll come again because once you start, you can't ever stop"

"I love it and all the people, and all the music, dancing and singing"

"It's an ideal holiday for a family with teenagers - they can spread their wings in safety"

"I'll come again because of the sociability and fun"

"We enjoyed the friendship and community aspects of the camps within an atmosphere of shared interest"

"A strong community spirit makes everyone feel safe, especially the kids"

"Good value for money. People making their own entertainment is always more fun and inspiring"

"I enjoy the company, and all the workshops, ceilidh, food, ..."

"We like the people, the relaxed safe environment and the activities"

"They are terrific and unique"

"I'll come back because of the chance to be immersed in music with friendly, welcoming people (and I like camping)"

"more interesting dances than at festivals"

"I enjoy the music workshops, I enjoy dancing, I enjoy the general friendliness"

"I enjoy the inclusive nature of the workshops, which are non-critical"

"I'll come again because it is the fun-est camp I have ever been to"

"I enjoyed every minute. The atmosphere is great"

"Good music, good company, good food"

"Folk Camp is the best holiday and folk campers are my 'family'"

"It's really fun, and sociable and happy (10-14 year old)"

"Good balance of freedom and safety"

"The whole family were happy all the time"

"The community spirit, fun atmosphere and opportunities to meet more folkies"

"Extreme friendliness and welcome. Fun and unique. (2nd time camper)"

"The inclusive, educational and community aspect of Folk Camps is a perfect creative family holiday"

"It's the best! (15-19 year old)"

"People, atmosphere, camaraderie, lots to do"

"The atmosphere, and how welcoming everyone was (15-19 year old)"

"Cheap, safe and entertaining holiday for families"

"It's the best two weeks of the year!"

"The mixed age groups with everyone sharing responsibility and activities was impressive (new folk camper)"

"It was lovely to be together as a family in safe, relaxed surroundings"

"It's immense as I have made so many friends here (15-19 year old)"

"It was good to see the teenagers all dancing at the ceilidhs and fully involved"

"I love it. Nowhere else like it! (15-19 year old)"

"The emphasis on mutual trust and responsibility is a huge bonus in risk-obsessed society"

"Lots of laughter, fun and friendship"

"The year wouldn't be complete without it"

"Stunning culture"

"Loved learning to play instruments and the warm community"

"It is our ideal holiday and has been since 1993"

"A very inclusive, encouraging, supportive active holiday"

"A great mix of people who all worked together"

"There is nothing to compare"

"He is fantastic at offering what each fledgling musician needs and offers a repertoire that really supports new players"

"friendliness and community"

"A unique opportunity to spend a week immersed in music and creative activities"

"Great friendly atmosphere (new camper)"

"Met so many nice and talented people. Lovely family atmosphere (new camper)"

"Friendship. I loved the way everyone, youngsters and older ones, all helped, the way youngsters organised themselves..."

"We really enjoyed our second camp. You have a really good formula, balance of skills, etc."

"Excellent standard of teaching"

"Friendly, sociable people (2nd timer)"

"May bank holiday weekend ...an enjoyable start to the Folk Camps season"

"Thanks for a wonderful weekend. The leader had a very laidback approach which I liked very much!"

"Thank you very much for 3 lovely days of music making and excellent tuition."

"Thanks again to the staff musicians for your skill and efforts last weekend.."

"We had such a lovely weekend. Looking forward to the Spring bank holiday weekend at the end of the month."

"Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the Playford dance workshop and the insightful comments, never realised there was such a passion in Playford."

"Brilliant! Thanks, I had a lovely weekend"

"Truly a marvellous weekend, very many thanks. For a first time Folk Camper, albeit with more than a bit of folk interest, the weekend was 100% successful."

"Many thanks for a lovely weekend. We all really enjoyed the camp. The leadership was light of touch while being seamlessly effective."

"I want to thank you and all the people who put on the May bank holiday Folk Camp this year. I had a great time and learned lots. It is a very friendly Society and I have enjoyed each of the Folk Camps I have been to. I especially would like to thank all those who are so willing to impart their hard-earned musical knowledge so freely to everybody."