What's a folk camp?

Types of camps

Summer Marquee week (catered)
Summer Europe week (catered)
Family bank holiday weekend (self cater)
Winter Warmer weekend (catered)
Craft break 5 day (residential catered)
Summer Hall week (catered)
Weekend for dancers (self cater)
Weekend for musicians (self cater)
Weekend for session music (self cater)
Weekend for singers (self cater)
Summer Hall week (self-cater)

Catered camps

At these full week camps, all your meals are provided.

Campers help with various tasks to keep the camp running smoothly. For example, for one day a week you will probably be on the kitchen squad. Don't panic! There are menus and a caterer to make sure you're doing it right, and it can be great fun. If you really don't want to cook there are plenty of other small jobs to help out. One of the joys of these camps is the shared communal cooking and eating where many people make strong and lasting friendships.

Self cater camps

At these camps you provide your own food or go to the local pub. There is a hall for the usual camp activities and an adjacent field for camping. Many weekend camps are specialist e.g. for dancers, musicians, singers – but anyone is welcome to come. This means there will be several workshops during the day as well as a ceilidh in the evening.


Typical Menu at a Catered Camp


Porridge, cereal, grapefruit, prunes, fried eggs, bacon, mushrooms, fried bread


Selection of salads, cold meats / fish, fruit

Evening Meal

Roast shoulder of lamb, nut roast, cabbage, carrots, roast and boiled potatoes, apple pie and custard

Plus tea, coffee, juice drinks, bread and spreads at any time.