Camps and Staff

Here are the current season’s Folk Camps, showing the staff at each camp.

The few staffing gaps will be filled in the next weeks.

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Mon 5 Feb 2024 -
Fri 9 Feb 2024
Joint Leader: Karen Walford
Joint Leader: John Gray
Joint Musician: Moira Gutteridge
Joint Musician: Peter Gutteridge
Fri 3 May 2024 -
Mon 6 May 2024
Musician: Richard Jones
Musician: Bruce Knapp
Warden: Steve Porritt
Fri 24 May 2024 -
Tue 28 May 2024
There are currently no confirmed staff for this camp
Fri 24 May 2024 -
Mon 27 May 2024
Leader: Sally Mounter
Musician: Chris Jewell
Warden: Steve Porritt
Mon 27 May 2024 -
Fri 31 May 2024
Fri 31 May 2024 -
Sun 2 Jun 2024
Leader/Musician: Val Porritt
Leader/Musician: Ben Thackeray
Fri 7 Jun 2024 -
Sun 9 Jun 2024
Leader: Colin Hume
Musician: Moira Gutteridge
Musician: Peter Gutteridge
Warden: Jenny Walton
Fri 21 Jun 2024 -
Sun 23 Jun 2024
Thu 27 Jun 2024 -
Sun 30 Jun 2024
Leader: Clare Elleray
Leader: Jay Parrack
Musician: Chris Butler
Warden: Steve Porritt
Sat 20 Jul 2024 -
Sat 27 Jul 2024
Leader: Dom Self
Leader: Brad Stokes
Leader: Paul Weir
Musician: Alastair Gavin
Musician: Stuart Alexander
Warden: Will Riding
Warden: Sean Hayden
Caterer: Judith Jenkins
Sat 27 Jul 2024 -
Sat 3 Aug 2024
Leader: Anthony Keen
Musician: Simon Hopper
Musician: Laura Tanner
Sat 3 Aug 2024 -
Sat 10 Aug 2024
Leader: Barry Pollard
Assistant Leader: Siân Hayward
Musician: Holly Clamp
Musician: Steph Broodbank
Sat 10 Aug 2024 -
Sat 17 Aug 2024
Leader: Régine de Frettes
Musician: Jenny Newman
Musician: Andy Glass
Warden: Hilary Hill
Warden: Brian Flower
Caterer: Liz Cooper
Caterer: Jess Holland
Fri 23 Aug 2024 -
Tue 27 Aug 2024
There are currently no confirmed staff for this camp
Fri 23 Aug 2024 -
Tue 27 Aug 2024
Musician: Holly Clamp

The staff are all listed by their roles here.

Waiting Lists

If the camp that you want to join is shown as “Waiting List” then please email the office to enquire about whether it is worth you joining the waiting list. Please include the camp name and details of who is in your party (i.e. your names – and ages of any children). We’ll then discuss your options with you.

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