Become a Member of Folk Camps Council

Would you like to take an active part in the running of the Folk Camps Society?

Folk Camps is a community, run by volunteers. In a similar way to how we all take part in making each Folk Camp work, we also have a committee of volunteers that run the organisation.

The Council of Management is elected by the Governing Members to represent their views and ensure the smooth running of Folk Camps. More new faces and experience are always welcome and contested elections help to keep the high standards of the Council. Our rules ensure a constant turnover on Council so that we do not get stale!

Being a member of the Council requires a commitment to actively assist in the running of the Society. In particular, members of the Council are expected to actually carry out some of the work necessary to make Folk Camps happen. For example, support advertising & publicity activities, oversee camp staffing, review menus and update policies such as health and safety. These tasks must be done to a timetable and within budget. The main annual council meeting takes place during a weekend in September. At this meeting the previous year’s activities are reviewed and the following year’s programme, staffing, publicity & finance are planned. The ability to attend this weekend meeting is normally a pre-requisite for nomination.

In addition to the working weekend in September, there are further meetings each year. They used to take place face to face (3 per year) but since Covid we have run more frequent meetings via Zoom instead. Further Council business takes place electronically via Slack (a messaging application) and email.

‘Please consider whether you should stand. You do not need particular skills, just a belief in Folk Camps and a willingness to learn. I never expected to become chair, I just wanted to make a small contribution to an organisation that has provided me with a lifetime of holidays, and my family with great musical opportunities. But I have learnt and developed skills that I never knew I was capable of. It could be a great experience for you too.’
Patrick Self – Folk Camps Chair 2012 – 2016

Members of the Council are legally responsible for the running of the Society as Directors of the Company and Trustees of the Charity and this legal liability will extend for a year after leaving the Council.

To join Council we have these eligibility criteria:

  • You must have attended Folk Camps for at least 7 days in the preceeding 2 years in which camps were held
  • You must not be immediate family of another current member of Council (parent, child, sibling, spouse)
  • Be 18+ years old
  • You must be a governing member. (You can become one online easily here)
  • If you were previously a member of Council: must have a 2 year break after 6 years membership
  • Meet all eligibility criteria to be a charity trustee – see below

The UK government has created this useful guidance for charity trustees: “The essential trustee: what you need to know, what you need to do”. This also includes additional eligibility criteria.

If you think that you would be prepared to take on this commitment, then please return the Nomination Form to the office by the deadline. If you have any questions, please contact the office on 0208 12321 36. Or ask another member of Council about what they do.

Download, print off and return this PDF form to stand for election to join Council.

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