Covid Policy – Spring Update for 2023 Camps

Update: April 2023

In order to protect our members and the volunteers that run our Folk Camps events, we ask that if you have any symptoms of illness before camp that you take a Covid test, and avoid attending if you have any infectious illness.

We will refund your payments if you have a contagious disease, including Covid.

See Booking Condition 6.

“(6) The person making this booking will notify Folk Camps if any member of the party has been at risk of contact with an infectious or contagious disease. Should it be necessary to cancel the booking as a result of any such contact, then Folk Camps will refund all the monies paid.”

Context: Covid-19 legal restrictions in the UK have now been replaced by public health guidance as we learn to live with the virus.

We will review this as necessary, in line with Government guidance.

This policy is for the safety of you and others. We rely on volunteers to run our Folk Camps, and if the staff become ill that risks the smooth operation of the camp and everyone’s holidays.

Changes since earlier version of the policy

We have removed the need for vaccinations.

We have removed the need for taking a test prior to coming to camp.

If you feel unwell then we will take it on trust that you will perform a Covid Test in advance of coming to camp and only attend if you test negative.

We have updated the FAQ.

Updating this policy

Folk Camps Council will meet as necessary if the national situation changes to reassess the situation. This may lead to updates to this policy.

Policy FAQ

See this page for background and FAQ to the Covid Policy.

Next steps

See the programme of Folk Camps, of find out more about Folk Camps.