Finding New Sites

An important part of our holiday is the site – finding a beautiful part of the countryside to camp in makes our time together even more memorable. We are always looking for new places to hold a Folk Camp and you can help!

Who finds the sites anyway?

Well, that’s where you come in! Next time you are out for a drive, visiting friends and family, or on holiday, take some time to appreciate the countryside around you. If you are passing through a pretty village with a hall or you see a field with a lovely view, take note – you could help us establish a brand new camp and help yourself at the same time.

What do I do about it?

Follow these steps to help us find and use a new site:

  1. Read the info about what we need for a site.
  2. Note down the location of the possible site, finding the address or map reference.
  3. Find out as much info as you can, including the name of the landowner (for a potential marquee site) and whether camping would be permitted. For a hall we also need to know if camping is available/permitted and the general availability during the summer holidays or for bank holiday weekends.
  4. Download the Sites Visit Form and fill it in with a much detail as you can. You can either edit it, or just print it and hand write it.
  5. Send the form to our Sites Manager using this email address. This can be a scan if you have hand-written it, or you can attach the MS Word document.

After that, we will let you know if we need any more information. Please get in touch if you have questions at any time during the process.

So I’ve found a site, what next?

After you submit the site finding form we will carry out further enquiries and, if the site is looking viable, will arrange a site visit to establish whether it passes all of our high standards. Once the site has been booked to be used for the first time, we will let you know and you will qualify for a bonus to spend on your next Folk Camp holiday.