Folk Camps plans for 2021 season

While Folk Camps hope to be able to run some events in 2021, it is currently too early to know if it is safe or sensible to do so. If a vaccine has become widely available and normal life has become possible once again, we hope to be able to enjoy the camps we all love.

If, however, there is any significant risk – be it health, social or financial, we will not go ahead with any camps that cannot function ‘as normal’. We will not release any camp places for booking until we are confident that we can go ahead.

If the weekend events are able to take place, we will put them on sale from 1 March 2021. If we are able to go ahead with the summer camps we will open for bookings on 1 April 2021.

The programme proposed for 2021 is broadly the same as that for 2020 – the same sites, similar dates and broadly the same staff. There will be small changes and these will be published in detail when we launch the programme in 2021. To get a sense of what is planned you can see the original 2020 programme here.