How can I staff a Folk Camp?

Well, you’ve made a good start finding this page. There are a number of ways you get to be more involved – perhaps someone talked to you about doing a job at camp this year, maybe someone mentioned it to you in the past and now is the right time, or just possibly you were at a Folk Camp and thought, ‘I could do that’.
However you came to the idea, there are some simple but important steps to take to help make your decision…

  • Read about the role here just to make sure it is right for you.
  • Talk to someone who does this role at the moment, or who has done in the past to get their perspective and advice.
  • Ask that person if they would recommend you to Council for the role.

After that, we can help to get you the relevant support in taking the next step.


It doesn’t matter who you are, what you have done and when you get to the idea of staffing at Folk Camps, as apprenticeship can help give you the support to succeed. You will get an experienced member of staff to mentor you through the camp, feedback on the process and a clearer idea as to whether the role is for you. Usually we will place you on a camp to give you the best opportunity, but as we have to fit this into our programme and you are helping us out by volunteering to undertake this role, Folk Camps will fund your place.

Being an Assistant

Once you have successfully undertaken an apprenticeship or if you are ready to take the step straight away, we will invite you to become an assistant to a full member of staff. This will involve taking on much of the work related to that staffing role, but having a more senior member of staff there to take overall responsibility. Your place will be funded and you will be provided with expenses to help with the cost of travel.

Getting your first full role

Once you have had a go at being an assistant, it went well and you feel ready, then you maybe asked to take on a full role. This might be alone or jointly with a fellow member of staff. During your first full staff role you will can also have access to a mentor who has agreed to be at camp to provide support if you need it. They will be there as a guiding hand or a sounding board. From that point on, you are a full member of staff and a great help to keeping Folk Camps going – well done and thanks!

Finding out more

If you would like to talk about the possibility of staffing, please do not hesitate to contact the Folk Camp Council staffing coordinator by emailing the office.

Find out more about Folk Camps staff.