Introduce a Friend

To encourage Folk Campers to introduce new people to Folk Camps there is a Reward Scheme for existing Folk Campers, called ‘Introduce a Friend’.

For any new person that you introduce to Folk Camps, we will reward you with a credit of 10% of their first Folk Camps booking. You can redeem this credit in subsequent years.

For instance, if you introduce a family of 4 to a summer week camp, this could equate to a reward of about £80. Or introducing a family to a bank holiday weekend, your total reward could be about £30. You would be able to redeem this in the following year as a discount from your camp bookings.

Introducing several families could pay for your holidays 🙂

In order to claim this, then please ask your friends to mention your name on their Folk Camps booking form in the additional information section.

Though just as important as any financial reward: you get the pleasure of sharing a unique holiday experience with more people, full of participation and community spirit. We are sure that most existing Folk Campers know other people that enjoy music, song and dance, who would love to discover Folk Camps holidays.

Promote Folk Camps Beyond Your Friends

You can promote Folk Camps to a wider audience than just your friends, and we have materials available to help you.

Folk Camps has a number of dark blue hoodies and also large pin-badges with coloured Folk Camps logos; both have the words ‘Ask Me About Folk Camps Holidays’ printed on them. We also have Folk Camps business cards, brochures and postcard size flyers. If you would like to use these resources at a club, festival or event to promote Folk Camps, please e-mail the office to discuss what you would like.

You can download and print your own materials from here:

Please also let us know the event at which you will be promoting Folk Camps. Any bookings which result, and which quote your name, will of course entitle you to the usual Introduce a Friend credit (as above).

To join up, please Email us.