Here are some links to websites related to Folk Camps.

Some are members’ own sites, some are organisations that share our aims or values.

  • The Unofficial Folk Camps Photo Archive hosted by Sue Malleson – now on Facebook
  • EFDSS is the ‘umbrella’ organisation for English Folk Arts
  • Halsway Manor is a residential Folk Conference Centre with similar aims and objectives to Folk Camps
  • Lancashire Folk Association preserve the traditions of English Dance and Song, organises dances, band and callers workshops, issues ‘Lancashire Wakes’ magazine
  • The Living Tradition Magazine is a quarterly magazine featuring mainly British traditions & customs, music, song, dance, history, myth legend, with worldwide CD reviews and listings of festivals and diary dates
  • The Folk Association of South Hampshire produces a monthly newsletter, Solent Waves, with news and events locally
  • Folk Camp Germany e.V. offers a holiday for all age groups and nationalities where everybody is encouraged to participate in or to enjoy traditional music, song and dance. Each year they run a holiday in a castle in Germany along similar lines to UK Folk Camps, having visited us in the 1980s, and repeated the formula ever since.