Running Folk Camps

Folk Camps Council

Folk Camps Council is a voluntary group of 9 members of Folk Camps who make the decisions necessary to run the organisation. They are each directors and trustees of Folk Camps Society Ltd.

Council are elected by Governing Members of Folk Camps, for an initial 3 year term, which can be extended for a maximum of 6 years. Here is more information about being on Council: Join Council.

See current members of council.

Folk Camps Contractors

Folk Camps has 4 part-time, self-employed contactors to manage various aspects of the organisation. They follow the directions of Folk Camps Council.

Working Groups

Various administrative activities within the Folk Camps organisation are carried out by working groups. These are made up of a mixture of Council Members and Governing Members.

Each working group is appointed at the Council meeting immediately following the AGM and members serve on that committee until the next AGM.

Much of the consultation between members of working groups is carried out by email.

If you have a particular expertise or interest and would like to serve on a working group, then please contact the Administration Manager by email .

You can also contact a working group by email to raise anything that you think is relevant to that group.

See more information about each working group.

Annual Accounts and AGM Minutes

Annual accounts, AGM and EGM paperwork available at this page.