Barry Pollard

As a life-long Folk Camper, I am happy to help to keep the holidays going that I enjoyed so much growing up. Although there are staff to keep everything running along smoothly, it is the people who make each camp successful. I really enjoy seeing everyone get the most out of their holiday, whether they like to join in with a bit of music, song and dance or try to lead a workshop for the first time.

I do a bit of dancing, call some dances too, and like a good variety of playing, dancing and singing to make sure everyone is catered for. If you are not sure what will go on at camp, then please ask and I will try my best to explain.

Barry‘s Folk Camps

Here is where Barry will be a member of staff this season. Follow the link to find out more.
Leader : Early May BH Loxwood
Leader : Marquee week 3 Rolvenden
Joint Leader : August BH weekend Bampton, Cumbria

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