Steve Porritt

Initial I volunteered as a warden to give something back as I didn't then sing, and I couldn't play in the band in the evening in the days before we had a generator to power the PA for my electric bass guitar. But now there is power for my bass, and I sing, but I still volunteer to be a warden.

Hopeful I bring organisation in my role.

What I enjoy most about volunteering as Folk Camp staff is a sense of achievement.

Hopeful people can expect that my camps are logistically well organised and safely run.

I play bass and Mandolin. Also, I have played in a few bands. The folk side of things being in Touchstone with Chris Jewell.

I was first introduced to Folk Camps in about 1990 by Chris who I had just joined a band with.

My favourite part of Folk Camps is playing in the band or doing a "turn" on party night. Oh, and Karen or Jay's singing workshops.

Most of my best Folk Camp memories involve Party Night skits - The Warden of Evil at Lympstone 2006 being my favourite.

Steve‘s Folk Camps

Here is where Steve will be a member of staff this season. Follow the link to find out more.
Warden : Early May BH Loxwood
Warden : Singers weekend Miserden
Warden : Marquee week 3 Rolvenden
Warden : Inbetweener Miserden

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