Mic Spenceley

Mic Spenceley is a versatile caller for everything from Playford to ceilidh via American contras and squares. The emphasis of Mic's camps is to give plenty of opportunity for workshop leaders and other callers and musicians to contribute their knowledge and skills.

Expect plenty of workshops at Mic's camps: dancing, singing and music.

I was first introduced to Folk Camps in about 1976

I really enjoy maintaining the momentum of camp activities as a leader.

My favourite bits about Folk Camps are the dance & music workshops

My best Folk Camp memory has to be meeting my wife.

As a leader I specialise in dance calling & Mcing.

I don't know why I continue to volunteer, it must have become a habit!

My folk background is as a caller for social dance nationally and for ceilidhs locally. I also play the double bass in bands.

At my camps, people can expect lots of workshops.


Mic‘s Folk Camps

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Leader : Musicians weekend Beckford
Leader : Craft Break Halsway Manor

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