Jenny Walton

Jenny first heard about Folk Camps in 1971 at Datchet Folk Club. One of the other members had attended a camp and told us what a great time they had. Up till then we had spent our holidays at my parents on the south coast, but as we owned a tent we decided to give it a try. And BANG we were hooked for life and I have attended at least one camp a year ever since.

What I enjoy most is the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. As a warden I find I quickly get to know all the campers by name (and remember them with the help of the attendance list). This helps to make the experience more personal.

My favourite bits of the weekend camps are the Bring and Share Supper and the informal Happy Hour. This is a great way of gathering everyone together on a self catering weekend.

There have been so many great experiences and memories it is hard to choose, but here are a few:

Having a really good evenings dancing and learning new and challenging dances

Listening to splendid music

Late night singing in the marquee when most people have gone to bed

Perhaps rather oddly the very wet camp at Cartmel when the motor caravan had to stay on site for a whole fortnight, had to dig drainage channels all round the tents, and set up the Cartmel Navigation Society to keep us all going. In spite of everything there was a super atmosphere and everyone pulled together.

Learning to make bobbin lace at the craft camp at Wetton in 1976 and I have been doing it ever since.

What do I bring as warden? Well I try to be well organised and ready for any eventuality!

I volunteer as warden because I want to keep the society going and to put something back for the years of enjoyment we had as a family.

Dancing is my main interest. It started with Scottish dancing when I lived north of the border as a teenager, then joined Datchet club in 1960 when I moved to Slough. There is less opportunity to dance now other than at the camp.

I used to play the recorder but there is insufficient time now, too busy with grandchildren and village activities.

What can people expect at my camps? A hassle free well run camp and a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

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