Simon Reynolds

My Parents took me to a camp at Corfe Castle in the mid 60's. Father lead and mother cooked (and believe me she could burn salad) and by the end of the week most of the tents had been crushed by gale force winds. It was great!

I have only ever catered so I guess I get the most out of seeing people enjoy the food.

I have many favourite parts of Folk Camps, mainly the people who go and the amazing talents they display.

I think the best memory of Folk Camp was when I took an item from everyone's tent and hung them on a very tall tree. And, Oh yes, I also instigated the late night pancake tossing.

I like to just bring my love of food and helping those who want to do the same as caterer. It is amazing sometimes how different people are at the start to when they finish at the end of day.

When I cater a camp the cooks of the day will be part of an inclusive team who will enjoy the experience (on the whole) and gain some skills and tips and feel a sense of pride and achievement. And for the rest of the campers: well cooked food and at times something very different.

I used to be in a Morris team and I called the odd dance or two.

At my camps, anything might happen. Especially something silly. But there will not be food poisoning.

I can also play spoons but not as flash as Paul Weir can!

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Joint Caterer : Marquee week 3 Rolvenden

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