Dom Self

How and when were you first introduced to Folk Camps?

I came with my family to my first Folk Camp at the age of three in 1997, and I've come back every year since!

What is your favourite part of Folk Camps?

I love how sociable it is - the music playing, the workshops, the meals, the dancing – but also that Folk Campers are a lovely bunch, and if you walk into the marquee at a quiet point there will always be someone about who is up for a natter, a board game, to play some music.

What is your best Folk Camps memory or experience?

It's hard to pick just one! A late night Thursday evening at camp, with dancing going long after the PA went off, an early-hours acoustic song circle, 5 hours sleep, then up again for Join the Band the next day

What do you bring to this volunteer role?

I really enjoy folk dancing, and have enjoyed branching into calling over the last few years. At last year's camp I ran a "Folk dance for beginners" workshop at the start of the week, which was a really good way to help those who were new (or a bit rusty!) build confidence to join in with the evening dancing. I like to think that my enthusiasm for dancing and music playing comes through in my calling.

What instrument(s) do you play?

I play saxophone in a funk/soul covers band. I am (slowly) getting better at clarinet and can be heard squawking away in Join the Band. I also enjoy plinking around on a ukulele.

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Joint Leader : Marquee week 1 Rolvenden

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