Virtual Chedworth – 2020

There were many disappointed campers who were looking forward to the Chedworth Bank Holiday event this year.  Though the camp could not be held, the designated camp musician, Richard Jones, invited all those who would have been attending to participate in an ensemble, playing the tune Mount Hills which he had expected to be using for the morning music workshop.  Richard sent out the musical score and sound tracks by email and invited everyone to record their own sound track contribution in isolation. He then compiled into this splendid sound file.

Chedworth Folk Camp 2020 Mount Hills

Fingers crossed that we’ll be dancing Mount Hills to the band at the camp in 2021.


Mount Hills

First published in the 1701 edition of Playford’s Dancing Master
Arrangement by Richard Jones
Played by members of the Virtual Chedworth Folk Camp – May 2020

Rachel-Ann Beckett: Whistle
Steph Broodbank: Accordion
Carolyn Burnett: Mandolin
Simon Hopper: Bassoon
Nicki Hatton: Whistle
Belinda Jones: Fiddle, Melodeon, Whistle
Bruce Knapp: Guitar, Mandolin
Sue Malleson: Guitar
Steve Mundy: Guitar
Veronica Murrey: Clarinet
Joan Newstead: Ukulele
Jeff Pearce: Guitar, Bass Guitar

Recorded individually in isolation
Mixed by Richard Jones