Working Groups

Folk Camps’ Working Groups comprise Council members and carry out work on specific aspects of the society’s operations. Some groups also include additional volunteer Governing Members; these are indicated below. All groups report to Folk Camps Council of Management.

Finance Working Group

Co-ordinator: Kerstin Jewell (Administration Manager)

Members: Chairperson Patrick Self, Company Secretary Claire Mycock, Barry Pollard

This group ensures that the Folk Camp Council is fully aware of Folk Camps financial position and how this may change in the foreseeable future. It provides assurances that the resources are aligned with the Folk Camps Memorandum and Articles of Association. It alerts Council of any financial risks.

It assures the effectiveness of:

  • financial planning, budget-setting, financial reporting and the annual accounts
  • costs of equipment, services and contractors,  securing sites and hiring equipment
  • oversight of the financial work by the Administration Manager (whose financial duties include: review of monthly finance, bank statements and reconciliation in book-keeping software and issuing monthly finance figures and annual accounts to Council members).

Marketing And Communications Group

Co-ordinator: Vice Chairperson Oscar Roberts

Members: Chairperson Patrick Self, Susie Savage, Sarah Malleson (Governing Member), Sue Malleson (Governing Member)

The Marketing Group is responsible for publicity and marketing, use of a variety of media, including email marketing to existing members and contacts, and the publication of Extent, Folk Camp’s magazine.  The group is grateful to receive photographs which show aspects of folk camping and testimonials which can be used as marketing resources.

Folk Camps currently has a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Staffing Working Group

Co-ordinator: Barry Pollard

Members: Liz Cooper, Sites Manager Steve Porritt

The group is responsible for organising and allocating volunteer staff positions at the various camps, feedback from and to those who have staffed, appointment of apprentice staff and from time to time organising staff training events. Group members are always keen to receive recommendations from camps for potential staff members.

Catering Working Group

Co-ordinator: Liz Cooper

Members: Vice Chairperson Oscar Roberts, Brad Stokes, Jenny Hopper (Governing Member), Mel Horton (Governing Member)

This group maintains up-to-date menus, reviews annually suggestions from caterers and campers and liaises closely with the Provisions Contractor. The Catering group approves the final form of the Caterers’ Manual/Menus Folders distributed to the caterers by the Administration Manager. Members of the group always welcome suggestions from both campers and volunteer camp staff.

Health and Safety Working Group

Co-ordinator: Liz Cooper

Members: Chairperon Patrick Self, Company Secretary Claire Mycock, Susie Savage, Equipment Managers Brian and Lorna Flower, Hilary Hill (Governing Member), Lou Tribus (Governing Member) and Governing Member expertise

This group has overview of all health and safety matters and works with the Company Safety Adviser assisting the Council to fulfil its obligations for the effective implementation of health and safety matters. It ensures that Health & Safety is considered at all Council meetings and that the Health & Safety Policy is updated each year and completely reviewed every two years. The group also has the responsibility to ensure that new and up-dated information is included in management manuals.

Development Fund & Bursary Working Group

Co-ordinator: Kerstin Jewell (Administration Manager)

Members: Chairperson Patrick Self, Barry Pollard, Susie Savage, Jacqueline Beattie (Governing Member), Tony Mealings (Governing Member)

This group considers applications to the Folk Camps Development Fund. It makes grants to Governing Members for folk-based projects which fulfil the Society’s mission as an educational charity to preserve and promote traditional music, song, dance and games.  The Development Fund also awards bursaries for ‘almost-fully-funded’ places at Folk Camps. Governing Members, or their children, are encouraged to submit projects for consideration by the group.

Contractor Liaison Working Group

Co-ordinator: Patrick Self

Members: Company Secretary Claire Mycock, Liz Cooper

This group is responsible for on-going liaison with the Contractors that carry out day to day operations of Folk Camps. With the co-operation of the Contractors, the group to identifies where efficiencies or changes could simplify or provide better value for Folk Camps. The Contractor Liaison group also advises Council on the performance of its Contractors.

Information and Communication Technology Working Group

Co-ordinator: Chairperson Patrick Self

Members: Oscar Roberts

The ICT Working group is responsible for the various technology tools used by Contractors and Council members and voluntary staff. It ensures that Folk Camps information is held securely and shared appropriately in accordance with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations. The group documents ICT procedures and manages the technology for the website and the administration database.

Grants Sourcing Working Group

Co-ordinator: Company Secretary Claire Mycock

Members: Susie Savage Cat McGill (Governing Member)

This group considers the outreach ideas, discussed at 2019 Annual General Meeting, and how to take forward initiatives which further the Society’s mission but which do not fall within the remit of the Development Fund & Bursary Working Group.

Sites Working Group

Co-ordinator: Chairperson Patrick Self

Members: Sites Manager Steve Porritt, Equipment Manager Brian Flower, Judith Jenkins (Governing Member), Sue Malleson (Governing Member), Sam Mason (Governing Member)

This group proposes sites for summer camps to Council, and vets proposals of suggested sites. The Sites Manager negotiates fees with landowners. Sites are initially vetted online and then via a site visit to determine suitability. Members are encouraged to propose potential future sites, see Finding New Sites.