Folk Camps Bursaries

We would like to welcome people to contribute to Folk Camps, to help keep folk traditions alive and make our holidays even better. We are all about volunteers so here’s a way to help you be a part of it!

Two different bursaries are available for our current season:

  • Discover bursaries are open to people active in folk traditions (musicians, callers, singers, etc.) who are new to Folk Camps.
  • Promote bursaries are open to all, and intended for people who can propose and enact a specific project to make Folk Camps more widely known. One successful project is a video of what happens on a summer week.

What is the Bursary scheme?

A bursary offers the opportunity to experience a Folk Camps holiday for a reduced cost of only £50. The balance is paid by the bursary. Most camping holidays in the current season’s programme are included in the scheme* from fully-catered summer holiday weeks to short, themed workshop weekends.

What do I get from it?

As well as a nearly-free holiday, the bursary is a great opportunity for you to develop your musicianship, calling or singing (perhaps in learning new repertoire or in honing your workshop skills); to improve your skills in promotion, publicity or marketing; or just to try out something we think is worthwhile!

What does Folk Camp get back?

As a recipient of a Discover Bursary, you have no obligation to give anything back, just participate with the usual duties that all campers need to do and have a good time. We greatly value the volunteering ethos that lies at the heart of Folk Camps. However, we know that the way to get the most out of our holidays is to participate as much as possible, so you will be encouraged to learn and share during your holiday. If you do have a wonderful time – and we are confident that you will – we would love you to tell your friends about us and spread the word. All the camp staff are volunteers, so maybe one day you’ll decide to join them!

If you are offered a Promote Bursary, we expect you to carry out your project to the timescale as agreed with the Bursary Co-ordinator.

Can I apply?

  • Discover: Yes, if you are new to Folk Camps, aged 18+ and active in a Folk tradition (musician, caller, singer, dancer…)
  • Promote: Yes, if you are aged 18+, new to Folk Camps or an existing Folk Camper with a good idea.

Please complete an application form

Come and be a part of what we do at Folk Camps – complete an application form and then email it to: bursary@folkcamps.co.uk. You must apply at least a month before the Folk Camp starts.

Bursary Application Form

Bursary Application Form Editable

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of Yvonne Hunt, a past Folk Camper, who remembered us in her will and made the Bursary scheme possible.

*Please note: Bursaries are not available for the Craft Camp.