Reviews and Quotes

Here are some of the many reviews, comments, quotes and testimonials that we have received.

From people new to Folk Camps

“This has been my first week at a Folk Camp and the first time as an adult I have felt like part of a community. I absolutely love what you do here, the day routine, sharing duties, the workshops, circle time. Everyone’s been incredibly warm and welcoming. Thank you so much to all the staff for a wonderful holiday, it’s been very special!”

“What can I say about Folk Camp? Well at first I was quite anxious with all the wonderful musicians, but I needn’t have worried. The campers are so friendly and inclusive. This has been a special experience enjoyed by all my family. We threw ourselves into this camp and embraced the Folk Camp living. We loved the music, dancing food and workshops. The rain helped bring us together.”

“This has been our first camp experience and not our last. Thanks to all the staff at Knockerdown who made this lovely holiday experience, which we will do again next year.”

“All of the staff were incredible. The week was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had. Love you all! Nothing more to add it was all amazing.”

“Thank you for a fantastic week away! Had a great time – all thanks to the staff giving their time to make it happen. WE’LL BE BACK!!”

“The atmosphere created is absolutely wonderfully welcoming and happy. The volunteer staff are patient and encouraging. A beautiful experience, thank you.”

“Thanks for your patience with an absolute beginner. I thought I couldn’t do it but now I can – just about!”

“As a newcomer [to new activities] it’s sometimes scary and difficult to blend in with everyone, but at this Folk Camp I was welcomed with open arms and the planned trips made it easy to meet everyone. The people here are also very friendly and easy to chat with / start a conversation with. I’ll definitely come back for another Folk Camp.”

“As a beginner I have enjoyed the challenge. Everyone has been so welcoming.”

“First Folk Camp. Exceeded expectations. Very friendly and inclusive group. Super workshops and band/music. Difficult to find fault. Will be returning. Many thanks.”

“The whole family joined in and everyone found something they liked doing. My eldest daughter (14) learnt to play ukulele and within a day could join in with playing the chords for lots of songs.”

“I like cooking, but I only cooked for one day – so the rest of the week felt like a real holiday – instead of normal camping where I cook most days.”

“Everyone is really friendly and, surprisingly, my teenager joined in! I came back after morning workshop to find her doing music practice without being asked!”

“Thanks for a fabulous opportunity to try out a new range of crafts and meet interesting people from different backgrounds and abilities!” – at the Craft Break

“I know now that I need not have been anxious! I would just like you to know that I had a fabulous time. It far exceeded my expectations. The people were lovely, warm, friendly and so inclusive. How quickly I became used to the rhythm of the day, and the sound of instruments being played or voices singing created a backdrop to everything.”

“I met so many people it took me ages to go round everyone to say goodbye on the last day! I’ve been talking  about Folk Camps to so many people since I’ve been home. I will certainly spread the word at the ceilidh group I dance with in Brighton.”

“A fabulous opportunity to meet with friends. Although a new camper, I felt immediately welcome…it was great to learn how to make a wide range of crafts, and to be able to return to the work the next day is invaluable.” – at the Craft Break

“My first ever folk camp – I loved it. The singing made me laugh and cry. Wonderful, thank you.”

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved. To be honest, we had very little idea what to expect and we aren’t a particularly musical family so we did approach the camp with some trepidation. We needn’t have worried as everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. Our kids had an absolute blast… I’m so glad we gave it a go and we’ll definitely be back! I have been convinced to try the Suzuki Method with my kids so we’ll be sure to bring instruments of one sort or another next time… All in all, a perfect weekend made exceptional by the fantastic weather and smiling faces.”

“…the food so exceeded all of my expectations!!”

“Just came back from Session Weekend in Miserden. It was my first time at a Folk Camp. I had never heard of the organisation, but when surfing around I found the website, which seemed really well put together: clear and practical, nice fun clips but not flashily designed, you could tell from the information that here was a well-run organisation, with years of experience in what people will want, what they’ll ask, and what facilities and information they need. Everything was clear. I booked – and things turned out to be just as described. Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, especially the warm welcome and friendliness from everyone. Am now scanning the diary to see when I can bring the rest of the family.”

“My first Folk Camp – but definitely not my last! Organisers were great, approachable, friendly and PATIENT! Thanks to all involved -I’ll be back!”

“I had a fantastic time at Chedworth a couple of weeks ago and wanted to thank you for making my first Folk Camp so special.You were so welcoming and wonderfully supportive of my endeavours to take part in the song circle and ceilidh dancing. I loved the music workshops each morning and playing lunchtime sessions in local pubs. You are all a bunch of lovely people and I very much enjoyed spending the weekend in your company doing things I love – camping, dancing and playing music! I am definitely a Folk Camp convert and look forward to seeing you again soon in a field for more dancing fun!”

“Thank you for a wonderful weekend. My family and I were made to feel so welcome. It was an honour to spend the weekend with such amazing musicians, dancers and singers”

“A week there – exchanging and sharing singing, music, dance and walks with very friendly camping in the middle of nowhere, so peaceful and quiet – was worth a month of holiday. It was a very valuable experience and I enjoyed every minute.”

“I was really impressed by your organisation (everything perfect!) the people in the camp (adults and kids) were getting involved in the functioning of everyday life… and the efficiency and involvement of the volunteers leading the camp.”

“This is my first craft camp ever and I had no idea what to expect! What I got was a wonderful, friendly crowd who made me feel very welcome. The variety of music and crafts on offer was excellent and well tutored, but still informal enough not to feel intimidating. I am a very crafty person but I found things to learn I’d never tried before…I look forward to coming to another Folk Camp soon.”

“Had a fantastic time here! All the things that make the camp a functional society for the week have been thought out to a very impressive level.”

“Had a great weekend. My first Folk Camp after 35 years, my husband’s first ever. Will definitely book more for next year.”

“Absolutely Fantastic! Our first ever folk camp and couldn’t have been better!”

“Great, friendly people. Brilliant music. I’ve learnt so much, now I need to go away and practice. Lots!”

Some comments from people who come to Folk Camps holidays year after year

“This (Singers) was a lovely camp. It’s ALWAYS lovely but this was specially so. The staff conjure up this magic and the punters add their wonderful selves. do not change a thing. Thank you xxxx”

“Excellent as Ever. I am looking forward to next year already. An exceptionally supportive environment.”

“The staff and leaders were very helpful and knowledgeable. Great variety of music and abilities.”

“Returned after 37 years away. Loved it!”

“Scrumptiouslydeliciousamazing (yes I have run out of appropriate adjectives) weekend away at singers Folk Camp. …inspiring, informative leading and huge amounts of fun and laughter -not to mention sublime singing and musicianship from all there. What an enriching time.”

“Brilliant week! Music workshops for both adults and children were fantastic. Games for children too!”

“The high standard of the music at this camp is starting to attract some really accomplished young musicians.” – at the Dalton Spring Bank Holiday Weekend

“One of the great features of this camp is the way in which so many people contribute to workshops and activities. It was lovely to see so many children introduced to Northumbrian Longsword and experienced dancers were able to enjoy an advanced dance workshop…Singing was very enjoyable and definitely assisted by the inclusion of several experienced and capable singers of all ages. Lively and varied sing-arounds included a pleasing selection of the old and the new, the serious and the humorous, and generated a lovely atmosphere.”

“I remember: …when I was a teenager, arriving a day early for the Bank Holiday camp, relaxed in the knowledge that I wasn’t going to miss a single minute of it! …watching the dawn break after many an all-night session tiptoeing back to the tent through the dew …receiving my marriage proposal in a damp tent in the rain …being presented with a patchwork quilt for my unborn child, which had been made in secret by every member of the camp…” – Jenny Newman – regular Folk Camps musician, who has many years of great Folk Camps memories. See more comments from this season’s staff.

“We love coming here in February as a winter break – excellent mix of music and crafts -looking forward to next year.”

“Brilliant camp. Lots of laughter, community and fun. Brilliant singing!”

“This camp is ideal for this time of year when other Folk Camp activities are not suitable. Long may this weekend of craft activities in comfortable surroundings continue!”

“I’m about to play music for 2 hours. I love Folk Camp!”

“Well organised… The facilities were great. Lovely sense of sharing music, food and friendship. Not a bad word to say!” – At Miserden Singers weekend.

“Just a quick email to say a huge thank you for such a lovely weekend. We all had a great time and it was brilliant to see my kids enjoying the music and dancing just as I did when I was younger! Looking forward to bringing them back already.”

“This has quite possibly been my favourite Folk Camp ever! Thank you so much for a week full of joy, energy and fun. Wonderful music workshops…great food…[wardens who] keep us safe and happy without ever losing their cool and good humour.”

“Welcoming and family friendly. Great music- not too hard and helpful that songs were played slowly at first.”

“Fantastic workshops. Lots of ideas and room to experiment and learn.”

“The caterers are always relaxed and unflappable – Excellent food and soups.”

“Fantastic camp again. Can’t wait for next year – loved all the harmony singing. Cheesy singing was brilliant!”

“All staff were fabulous this week. So much to do and they kept the energy going.”

“Fantastic tutors and the selection of music was excellent- lots that I hadn’t heard before and all good. I really enjoyed the harmonising workshop and will try to go forwards with the techniques learned.” – at the Musicians weekend.

“As always, a good camp – plenty going on for children and people of all ages. Good ambience and met up with lots of old friends.”

“The site ,as ever, delivered its magic! The staff were all brilliant – really well organised, wonderful music and great company. Nothing could be improved, it is one of my favourite weekends of the year!” – at the Dalton Spring Bank Holiday weekend.

“Wonderful music and workshops and a great sense of community.”

“Good weekend for all dancers – whatever their previous experience.”

“Excellent weekend again – dances to make you think and excellent music as always.”

“Friendly atmosphere with lots of encouragement. Workshops good pace. Whole experience very stimulating.”

“Good music and dancing and a fantastic, diverse song circle.”

“Thank you so much, we have loved every minute. Such lovely people.”

“Appreciate the spirit of participation and was really grateful my young dancers were given a go in full length dances.”

“Workshops are well run and enjoyable. Both warden and callers were helpful and friendly.”

“A truly inclusive weekend and great fun.”

“A beautiful site -flat field and gorgeous surroundings” – at a Bampton weekend

“I love this site. Truly idyllic!” – at a weekend at Miserden

“Playing for the ceilidh was a great experience.”


“Great leaders tailor for all needs, instruments and abilities.”

“My first singers weekend -loved it!”

“I had a wonderful week -feel thoroughly cheered up!”

“Best gluten free camp ever! Fab food choices and effort. Thank you.” – from a gluten-intolerant camper – Folk Camps can cater for some special diets, see FAQ.

“Music workshops were EXCELLENT. As a classical musician I really appreciated someone teaching me how to improvise!”

“An excellent camp and site…will come back with extended family next year!!”

“Thank you everyone- great week. Just the right mix of peace and quiet and stuff to do.”

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