Folk Camps has 4 part-time, self-employed contactors to manage various aspects of the organisation. They follow the directions of Folk Camps Council.

Administration and Events Manager

Kerstin and Chris Jewell

Administrative functions for Folk Camps are provided by Kerstin Jewell (who provides a similar service to German Folk Camps) along with her husband Chris Jewell, who has been to Folk Camps for many years, as a musician, leader and very active participant.

Equipment Manager

Brian Flower

I’ve been going to Folk Camp since 1994. The first Camp was a weekend camp at Dalton and we have been going there for nearly every year since, where we have made many friends.

I took over the role of Equipment Manager in 2022.

I enjoy working behind the scenes, and found being co-warden in 2022 great fun. It was rewarding to know I helped make the camp run as smoothly as possible.

Logistics Manager

Lorna Flower

Council appointed Lorna to the role of Logistics Manager in February 2024.

Who would have thought that after being given a leaflet about folk camps in 1994 we would then go on to make this one of our holidays every year. After my first weekend camp in Dalton, North Yorkshire I was hooked, started to play my violin again after many years and because of folk camp I now play in the Big Fiddle Band which I absolutely love.

Having  retired from the lighting industry after 40 years and already helping Brian with the Equipment, I felt that this would be a good time to be more involved. I’m looking forward to my new role as Logistics Manager and the challenges ahead. I have been given great support from all the team, and will do my best to continue the great work by Steve and Jenny.

My favourite part of Folk Camps is not only meeting up with the friends I first camped with 30 years ago, but making new friends. Learning great new tunes and always being amazed by other campers sharing their knowledge and skills and always ready to teach something new.

When I’m not a folk camp, my other hobby is growing too many plants. So if you see some Geraniums outside the marquee you will know I have been there!

When I’ve been asked my favourite memories, then I have to confess it is probably all the boat races at Dalton. It brings the whole camp together. There are lots of secret boat building workshops going on, that produce a very varied array of objects that float down the stream. We have many trophies at home, from best design to winning boat. We have been known to win the odd prize!!

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