Folk Camps has 4 part-time, self-employed contactors to manage various aspects of the organisation. They follow the directions of Folk Camps Council.

Administration and Events Manager

Kerstin and Chris Jewell

Administrative functions for Folk Camps are provided by Kerstin Jewell (who provides a similar service to German Folk Camps) along with her husband Chris Jewell, who has been to Folk Camps for many years, as a musician, leader and very active participant.

Equipment Manager

Brian Flower

I’ve been going to Folk Camp since 1994. The first Camp was a weekend camp at Dalton and we have been going there for nearly every year since, where we have made many friends.

I have taken over the role of Equipment Manager this year and I am really looking forward to it.

I enjoy working behind the scenes, and found being co-warden in 2022 great fun. It was rewarding to know I helped make the camp run as smoothly as possible.

Provisions Manager

Awaiting appointment

coming soon!

Sites Manager

Steve Porritt

I’ve been attending Folk Camps since 1990. My job is to find sites for both marquee and hall camps.

I am always interested in promising-looking possibilities so please get in touch if you’ve spotted a likely venue. Don’t forget, we pay a decent bounty the first time we use a site that you’ve suggested.

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