Ben Thackeray

I was first asked to lead a camp in France about 35 years ago, and followed this by leading quite few more French and English camps over many years. My musical interests started as a teenager playing banjo in traditional jazz bands, and then took up melodeon when Swindon Morrismen were started in about 1976. A few of us from the Morris team started a ceilidh band in which I played banjo, and then I took over the calling and have been calling, mainly for local or PTA type dances, ever since. I joined Reading Cloggies in about 1990 and took over as lead musician for them and for the ceilidh band 'Berkshire Tragedy'. I have been musician for a number of Morris, Clog and Sword Dance teams ever since. My interest in harmony led me to take up Piano Accordion a few years ago and that has become my main interest.

Ben‘s Folk Camps

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Joint Musician : Spring BH North Dalton
Leader/Musician : Session music weekend Miserden

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